Teamwork makes the dream work

The Team

Alta Maré

Founder Director

Hi, I’m Alta Maré. I have years of experience ranging from team player to project and programme manager in the corporate, public and private sectors in all types of industries. I, however, was very lucky to convert my passion for choral music into an organisation that aims to support conductors and choirs to make a huge impact in their communities. We embrace diversity, create networks and celebrate choral music daily in our job.

I believe every singer, audience member and conductor leaves a ripple in our souls when they perform- like even the smallest stone thrown in the water – and that ripple of joy, passion and peace is taken back to your home, family and community. My family is my whole world and a huge part of CCNF, and they pitch in wherever possible to help.

My other passion, maybe let me rephrase – superpower – is eating. I am a huge foodie, and for stress relief bake and cook, so when I stress, I bake delicious goodies. I hope if our paths ever cross that you will find something in the music we showcase through the choirs we host for your soul, and that ripple will whisper peace, love and joy to you when you are alone and with others. Stay blessed! Alta

Tamerin Maré

Office Administrator

Hi! I am Tamerin. I love to see how my hard work of communicating in writing with choirs throughout the planning process are converted into fantastic Choral Celebration Festivals. I love that I am engaged with choirs and the sense of community you feel when you are around them. I love to listen to music and reading and to have fun with my family. I also love pretty clothes and dressing up!

Catrien Stander


I love music and my aim in life is to make the world a better place – CCNF gives me the opportunity to use the first to accomplish the second! Apart from taking care of the CCNF finances, I am the financial manager and PR officer for Operation Healing Hands NPC.

I also enjoy singing in choirs and have done so from primary school. My other hobbies include reading, movies, pets, volunteering for charity initiatives, travel, and adventure.

Yolande Strauss

Chief Operations Advisor/ Media Liaison

I have been a chorister my whole life. My journey started in a primary school choir when I was six years old. Now many school choirs, provincial choirs and even a national choir later, and deep in my forties, I am still part of a small community choir here in Pretoria. I love the idea of giving the people of South Africa, no matter their backgrounds and skill levels, the opportunity to be part of the world of choir, because I can honestly say that choir changed my life and the way I look at the world today.

I love the idea that CCNF creates a platform for learning and sharing knowledge within the South African choir landscape. Although I only play a small part in the fantastic team at CCNF, I love absolutely everything the organisation stands for. My roadmap has steered me through the digital world for more than 15 years now (yes, we still had to wait for the internet to connect with krrrrrrkiekiekie when building websites when I started….) and I hope that I can use the knowledge I acquired from many years in the industry to spill over into creating beautiful moments and memories with, and for, CCNF in the digital realm.

On a more personal level, I am a bit of a serial hobbyist. I am a part-time singer, musician and songwriter. (I can decently play a bit of piano and have also taught myself the bass, guitar and ukulele). Apart from music I am a wife to an incredible husband (20 years already!) and a mother of two teenage boys. I am a videographer, photographer and blogger and I am currently working toward my green belt in Krav Maga and my blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu. I believe in love, grace, gratitude and in living the best life i can possibly live. Drink the good coffee, eat the cake and don’t be afraid to simply say yes to opportunities as they come knocking on your door!

Heleen Holland-Mu¨ter

Stage Manager

Hi, I am Heleen. Music has always been a part of my life. I started with piano lessons at the age of five and in the Primary School I was introduced to the wonderful world of choirs. I sang in my primary school, and high school choirs. And have sung in many choirs ever since then. I am currently part of Horizons Project Choir. I teach Afrikaans at a High School in Pretoria and I am also the Choir Organizer of my schools choir. I love to help and develop a love for music and choir with the children I work with and I am very fortunate to now be able to work with the AMAZING CCNF team of ladies and all the choirs we are working with.

When I am not busy teaching or singing, I love to read, paint and spend time with my two very loveable Dachshunds, Snip and Vlekkie.

Sorette van Niekerk

Office Manager

Hi, I am Sorette. My love for music started at a young age, playing piano and recorder from age 4, and adding violin at age 8. I was part of the Free State Youth Symphony Orchestra during my high school and university days and that is also when I started singing in choirs. Thus far, I have been a member of the UFS Choir, The Alumni Chamber Choir, and the Singkronies Chamber Choir. Currently I enjoy singing in community choirs.

My favourite parts of singing in a choir are the friends that you make, camaraderie and the special feeling of creating beautiful music together.

My other hobbies include power walking (I do 10km races), participating in musical theatre, and socialising with friends while supporting figure skating & cricket, attending theatre performances, going to the movies, and relaxing with a view.

I feel at home in the CCNF team, and I am proud to be part of an organisation that approaches everything with a love for choirs and choir music.

The choir world shaped me into the person that I am today, and I would love for everyone to have a chance at the same happy experiences. That is why I believe in what CCNF stands for.

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