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Virtual Conductor Development Programme

Online Warm-Up Tutorials with Mzansi Youth Choir

This package links to the workshop of Alfred Phakathi at our first Conductors Network Banquet and offer the following:

  1. The Intro
  2. The Tutorial Video
  3. The Full Warmup Video that includes 9 exercises with all the detail moves, vocal track and required actions to ensure full body engagement
  4. The Warmup Video Soundtrack

For more information contact info@ccnf.co.za

This programme was built on the work that was started in the two Conductor Network Events that was hosted in the Maslow Time Square, and the need raised by many a conductor who needs some growth opportunities in this period of isolation.

The programme is launched in collaboration with the Mzansi Choir Foundation who created and compiled the fantastic videos for us.

The videos offer a unique warm-ups process that combines all your warm-ups into a single focused activity that include vocal, facial and body warm-ups.

The purpose is to give conductors the opportunity to develop new engagement techniques with their choirs, while largely reliant on virtual tools – these techniques work very well when applied in person too.


  1. Watch the promo video
  2. Send us an email to receive the registration form
  3. Complete the registration form and pay the contribution of R750 for the full package
  4. On proof of payment you will receive the link and password to the material

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