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PRICE: R1000-00

6 Song African Songbook series with all the ‘personal’ support you would need to authentically perform the pieces.

Voicing is SATB- we will confirm when SSAA & TTBB is available.

Good day dear Conductor, trust you are safe and healthy?

The times are tough for conductors and singers alike with no immediate scope for relieve. It however offers us the opportunity to explore new music for our choirs. Choral Celebration Network Foundation has at its core the promotion of choirs, choral events, choir and conductor development and with our heart deeply rooted in Africa, the promotion of the use of African music, not just in South Africa, but around the world.

To make this objective a reality, we have partnered with the incredible Mzansi Youth Choir to make available an African songbook that will not only provide the music, but to authentically perform these songs, the background to each song, support with pronunciation as well as the movements – movement during African music is key to express the meaning of the piece.


Traditional African Music Songbook and Video Tutorial series which includes:

1) A video tutorial discussing 6 traditional African songs, outlining the history, choreography, and pronunciation of each song.

2) A PDF songbook with choral arrangements and lyrics of songs. Voicing is SATB- we will confirm when SSAA & TTBB is available.

Click ON THE VIDEO LINK below to get an idea of what is on offer:


1. Tswang Tswang Tswang:

One of the oldest wedding ceremony songs. It is sung in sePedi and has been in existence for centuries. Usually sung by women to brag about the beauty of the bride.

2. Thuma Mina:

These are the words that were used by Jesus Christ when God was asking his angels “Whom shall I send to earth to save my people from the sinful world they are living in”, Jesus responded by saying “Send me Oh Lord!”

3. Senzeni Na:

Senzeni Na used to be a struggle song sung in the apartheid era, but now it can be used to express the plight of those suffering from Gender Based Violence.

4. Mangwane:

This is a sePedi indigenous song and dates back centuries. The beauty about this song is that it evolves, and the music befits various situations.

5. Inkazimulo:

Inkazimulo is a gospel song mainly sung by clap and tap choirs, in isiZulu about doing things according to the will of God and by doing so, God will show us the way by shining the light on our path.

6. Ndikhokele Bawo:

this is the traditional version of Ndikhokele Bawo and is a prayer. People turn God, asking for his guidance and for God to lead them through the trials and tribulations they face on day to day basis.

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