How Big is Your Heart?

The "Quest for the Biggest Heart in the Choirscape" campaign is a call to action, uniting choirs across the provinces of South Africa in a shared mission of compassion and solidarity.

With this initiative, we aim to harness the collective power of choirs to support choirs in need within their own provinces. By embarking on this quest together, choirs will not only showcase their musical bravery but also demonstrate the immense capacity of the human heart to inspire change and uplift communities.

The Quest

At the heart of the campaign lies a noble quest: to raise essential funds for choirs in need within each province. Participating choirs will embark on a journey of giving, channelling their creativity, passion, and dedication towards generating resources to support their fellow musicians. From instruments to choir gear, uniforms, and transportation funds, every contribution will make a profound difference in the lives of those in need within their province.

Means to Have a Victorious Quest:

To empower choirs in their fundraising endeavours, the Choral Celebration Network Foundation (CCNF) will provide comprehensive support tailored to each province's campaign. This support includes:

Tailored Marketing Material templates: CCNF will provide choirs with customised marketing material templates designed to captivate audiences and inspire generosity within their local communities, clearly showcasing the details of the fundraising organisation - your school/church/choir

The Ultimate Prize:

As choirs embark on this noble quest, the ultimate prize awaits the title of the "Biggest Heart in the Choirscape." This prestigious accolade honours the choir within each province that demonstrates exceptional dedication, generosity, and impact in their fundraising endeavours. Beyond recognition, this title serves as a testament to the choir's commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and unity within their province.

*The winning choir, church, or school group will receive a major social media campaign created by CCNF to illustrate the champion in each province. (And don't forget the warm fuzzy feeling!)

Campaign Ideas:

Think bigger: 

Don't limit fundraising to choir members only. Get your whole school, church, or organisation involved. If you have 1000 kids in your school and each gives R2, that's R2000 in the bank!

Digital Fundraising Platforms: 

Facilitate the use of digital fundraising platforms equipped with unique QR codes (provided by CCNF), enabling choirs to seamlessly collect donations from supporters across the province. Back-buddy campaigns, for instance, are a popular way of telling your story and raising money for a good cause.

Community Engagement:

Your choir is encouraged to engage with their communities through outreach programs, awareness campaigns, and collaborative events, further galvanising support for your fundraising efforts. Have a fundraising choir festival with some neighbouring choirs, wear odd socks for a day for a fee, host a car wash day—the possibilities are endless!

The "Quest for the Biggest Heart in the Choirscape" is more than just a campaign; it celebrates the human spirit and the transformative power of music. Together, let us embark on this journey of compassion and solidarity, igniting hearts, inspiring change, and building a brighter future for all.

Join us in this extraordinary quest as we unite choirs across the provinces of South Africa—bringing hope and music to many who's only escape from the harsh realities of living in a third-world country is singing in a choir!


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