• Sing In Harmony Auditions
    First-round video and online auditions: The deadline for all choir audition submissions is Wednesday, 15 November. Invitation to the final physical rehearsal: Choristers who successfully pass the first round of video auditions will receive notifications and be invited to a physical rehearsal by Wednesday, November 15. Second Round Physical Auditions with Karina Erasmus: These will
  • Auditions for Voces Libres are open
    The New Kid on the Block: Voces Libres Establishing Freedom Through Song Voces Libres, a newly formed choir, is more than just a musical ensemble. Established in July 2023, the very essence of our name is rooted in the pursuit of freedom of expression and artistic interpretation through the power of song. Each member of
  • Auditions now open for Tygerberg Children’s Choir
    Auditions are open for children in Grades 4 to 7 to join the award-winning Tygerberg Children’s Choir. The Tygerberg Children’s Choir is currently fourth overall out of 1 000 choirs worldwide on Interkultur’s ranking of choirs. The choir director, Karina Erasmus, is a Music and Performing Arts teacher at Goodwood Park Primary School, and the
  • Will singing in a choir make you old before your time?
    Are you tired of feeling young and spry? Want to add a few wrinkles and grey hairs to your youthful appearance? Look no further than choral singing! Not only will singing in a choir give you the opportunity to belt out those high notes, but it will also make you feel old before your time.
  • What it means to be a South African Choral Conductor
    Being a choral conductor in South Africa is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. Not only do you have the opportunity to work with talented singers and musicians, but you also have the chance to make a real impact in your community. In the current social climate, choral music is more important than ever. It
  • Can a choir perform without a conductor?
    The simple answer is yes, probably. But having sung in choirs all my life, let me tell you why I think the answer should probably rather just be no way! A choral conductor plays a crucial role in helping a choir to perform at its best. By setting tempos, providing insightful rehearsal techniques, and offering helpful
  • 6 reasons why singing in a choir is good for you
    Anybody who has ever sung in a choir will tell you there are many more reasons why singing in a choir is good for you, but for now, let’s stick to six. IT FORCES YOU TO BE PRESENT A rare commodity these days. Vocalising in a group requires us to be present, take command of
  • UDUMO-What a weekend!
    CCNF is an organisation powered by passion. That – and a group of phenomenal ladies working mostly behind the scenes. Seven ladies in the CCNF team run all the admin and marketing stuff, organise all the choral festivals, conductor indabas and any other special events in between. Founder Alta Maré calls this team the Secret
  • Pretoria Conductors Indaba
    27 AUGUST 2022Event: Conductors Network Indaba PRETORIAPlace: Affies Seuns AuditoriumEvent Participants: Gauteng, KZN, FS, Limpopo, NW
  • Giving back to South Africa through the power of music
    After hearing Clegg, Baez, and the Soweto Gospel Choir perform the song Asimbonanga at the Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Tribute concert in London in 2008, Madiba lightheartedly said the following: “It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world.” Many years later, most singers will still give you an “amen” on that quote.