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About Us

The last few years proved the incredible diversity of the South African choral landscape. The Choral Celebration Festivals builds upon the success of the most recent World Choir Games that took place in Tshwane from 4 – 14 July 2018 and showcased the value of music and specific choral music to create tolerance for other nations, showcase cultural diversity and brought people together to create life long friendships and unforgettable memories.

South Africa is a powerhouse of choirs if we take the 76 Gold medals and 7 Category winnings into account. The 2019 Choral Celebration Festival series of the Public Benefit Organisation(no 930066027) Choral Celebration Network Foundation, showcased 84 South African choirs of all age groups and genre’s from all 9 provinces in 14 festivals nationally, engaging more than 6000 singers.

These events received incredible feedback from audiences, singers and conductors alike and created opportunities for choirs to show their uniqueness and to build networks for performing together and sharing their passion for music to achieve better understanding and tolerance. 

We planned to expand the Choral Celebration Festival series to include another 2 provinces as hosts in 2020 but engage with more choirs in 30 concerts over 11 festivals nationwide. Unfortunately, Covid happened, and we were only able to host 1 event in Northern Cape – one of our new provinces at the Kimberly theatre. What a great way to end the long choral performance silence with exceptional singers from Northern Cape.

The rest of 2020 was a challenge for choirs and conductors alike and to keep the choirs going CCNF launched wonderful Virtual events. Series 1 consisted of 10 virtual festival with festival 1 – 9 consisting of choirs from South Africa, In Festival 9 we engaged the choirs from Africa and Festival 10 showcased international choirs. 

These festivals were so well received that we launched Series 2 and group choirs together in specific groups – mixed, university, children’s, youth etc.. with choirs from South Africa & around the world in 12 festivals. It was spectacularly well received and choirs got the opportunity to not only see themselves but also choirs in their own category performing from as far afield as Russia, Canada, Mexico, etc.

To end our year off in style we hosted a Festive season festival.

Please visit our YouTube channel to view these free events for inspiration: CLICK HERE TO VISIT YOUTUBE FESTIVALS


We are relaunching our Choral Celebration festivals in partnership with choirs from around the country and to get going we will be hosting 12 festivals and one Conductors Network Indaba. 

We have decided to put our Sing & Safari event on ice until we can secure funding and have more clarity on the way forward for hosting local and international choirs.

CCNF aims to be the network link between choirs, events and festivals from all nations, to assist in creating memorable experiences for choirs in South Africa from South Africa, Africa and globally to ensure that the harmony of singing together is brought home to where it all started.

Contact us for more information about performance opportunities in South Africa, Africa and at international and local festivals, competitions and events around the globe and learn more about our unique projects that will be rolled out to achieve our objectives.

We have formed two powerful partnerships that allow us to provide tax benefits to both local and international sponsors. Operation Healing Hands specifically is a partnership where we as two PBOs fulfil our mission for whole life health support. OHH providing support for physical health and CCNF for mental health. 

Valued Partnerships


We have had the tremendous honour to be a UNESCO recognised partner organisation since June 2020. This partnership proves beyond a doubt that our focus and track record in making a difference in communities are aligned with local and international trends. Watch this space for more news on this exciting partnership.


We also formed specific valuable partnerships that reflect our mission of adding value and making a difference to our communities on ground level and on its own represent incredibly worthy causes. These partnerships aim to create collective awareness of our causes and raise money to further these initiatives wherever possible. Should you have access to funding or want to get involved, don't hesitate to contact Alta Maré for detailed information: info@ccnf.co.za


Our partnership with Operation Healing Hands came late in 2019, but we feel the alignment with our focus to make a difference and create a better life is reflected on a physical level by what the team of OHH does. This partnership has a joint objective to create awareness, raise money for projects, and provide support where possible. Go to their website for more information on the incredible work performed by this selfless team of individuals, and feel free to donate to ensure they can help those in need: https://www.ohhsa.net.



Should you wish to get involved in our NPO, any and all documentation are available upon request. Please email info@ccnf.co.za for more information.


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